Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Larry ellison - photos


Steve Jobs' Hilarious Response To Larry Ellison's Plan To Buy Apple So They ...
Larry Ellison wanted to buy Apple in 1995 so his good friend Steve Jobs could return to power, and both of them could make a tidy profit. But, Jobs rejected the idea saying, "I'm not a hostile takeover kind of a guy." He wanted to be asked back into ... read more

Elementary school gets a new garden - courtesy of Larry Ellison
Gerald Ford Elementary School students have a new garden to plant in and relax around, courtesy of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. A teacher wrote to Ellison, who also owns the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament held down the street from the Indian Wells ... read more

Oracle Makes Deal in Cloud Computing
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (left) is plunging his company deeper into cloud computing with a deal for RightNow Technologies. Larry Ellison, Oracle's outspoken CEO, called cloud computing “complete gibberish” in 2008. Today, Ellison proved again how much ... read more


a lagre compilation of Larrys
Larry Ellison: Biggest deal
Oracle Chief Larry Ellison was
Larry Ellison
Steve Jobs \x26amp; Larry Ellison:
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison. GOING WEST:
Larry Ellison
Oracles Larry Ellison
Oracle chief Larry Ellison

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