Tuesday, April 24, 2012

North korea threat - news and pictures


Nate's Notes: Francisco Liriano, Steve Blass, and Joe Mauer
But inevitably after a Twins loss, some malcontents on Twitter and angry commenters on the local sports pages find a way to blame the loss on Joe Mauer. read more

Mauer makes 16th straight start in Twins' lineup
PETERSBURG -- Joe Mauer was back in the starting lineup for Sunday's series finale against the Rays. He's been there in the three-hole for all 16 of the ... read more

Mauer proving he's a strong link
Mauer is one of four Twins (Denard Span, Jamey Carroll and Josh Willingham are the others) who have not missed a game. Catcher Joe Mauer, left, ... read more


The Mythical North Korean
threat from North Korea as
new North Korean threat
North Korea's threat for
Only 10% believe North Korea
of North Korean threats,
Korean Central News, North
North Korea test-fired two
greets North Korean envoy Kim
a threat is North Korea?

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