Thursday, February 2, 2012

Suzanne somers - pictures


Joe Rehab has become Joe Mauer again
Twins fans looking for a reason to feel good about 2012 should consider this: At this time last year, Joe Mauer was doing nothing but rehab on his ... read more

The time Tom Brady almost played catcher for the Montreal Expos
(AP)If not for football, Tom Brady might have been Joe Mauer before Joe Mauer came along. Or at least a platoon partner for AJ Pierzynski. read more

So, Joe, what's new?
Joe Mauer made the rounds on Thursday as a member of the Twins caravan, ... Joe Mauer looked fit and refreshed as he took part in a remote radio interview ... read more


Suzanne Somers, May 2006
Suzanne Somers Picture
Suzanne Somers (n�e Suzanne
Photo: Suzanne Somers, 64,
Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers -
Suzanne Somers last year,
Suzanne Somers Week 5 COUGAR
Suzanne Somers
images of Suzanne Somers

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