Friday, December 16, 2011

Ron paul 2012 - photos


Joe Mauer is engaged; there goes Minnesota's 'most eligible bachelor'
Joe Mauer, perhaps contemplating how best to pop the question in July. (Tony Gutierrez / AP) Joe Mauer, billed as �perhaps� Minnesota's most ... read more

Blyleven: Twins hurting in 2011
The Hall of Fame pitcher, who signed a 5-year deal as the teams' TV analyst, says injuries to Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau handcuffed team. ... read more

CJ: Mauer's match is one made in high school
The upcoming Joe Mauer-Maddie Bisanz marriage won't be any 72-day travesty, according to a Cretin-Derham Hall classmate who graduated with them in 2001. ... read more


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Ron Paul 2012.
Should Ron Paul run for
Ron Paul 2012
The Ron Paul buttons and lapel
Ron Paul 2012
Ron Paul 2012
From Ron Paul's Facebook page.
Ron Paul 2012 by ~YNot1989 on

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